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Most common question that bothers Instagram users is, “How do I increase the number of my followers?” While this is an essential question, it isn’t the first step in becoming popular on this social media. Before you can start piling up your followers, there is matter personal branding that you want to address. If you are using Instagram for business and you want to promote your content and products than you need to summarize your brand essence in a single adjective.

Creating a Brand

This step requires careful planning and fully understanding what you are trying to achieve and how you are presenting yourself to others.

To do this, you must reconsider what your goals are and in a single word or at least in short terms define yourself. Once you do this, it will be much easier to promote your identity or your brands if you’re a business company.

The Proper Use of Hashtags

We all know that using Instagram without hashtags is meaningless or at least it doesn’t provide the desired effect. The effect that we are trying to achieve is to attract followers to our content whether it may be a post, photo or a video. To target the right audience simply stay confident and unapologetic with your approach when taking pictures of interesting places, food or any other topic that you choose to photograph.


Once people see that you are staying determined to your cause and promote only one or several types of pictures, they will start to recognize the quality behind it. Keep in mind to use relevant hashtags to your targeted audience, so do your research and find out what are the most popular hashtags.

Creativity is the Key to Success

CannesPosterRevisedInstaHighResFIN2Becoming popular on Instagram requires from you to differentiate a bad quality post from a high-quality post. This means that every element of the post must be in perfect place. The photo itself need to be high-quality this goes beyond saying, but even if so a hashtag that was used to much or isn’t “cool” enough might ruin your post.

When creating hashtags be creative and start from the word or basic term that you want to use and then stylize it and make an awesome hashtag that everyone will love. There is a great Instagram tool that can do this for you- This tool works on the principle mentioned above where you insert your word, and then the software changes the word so it sounds interesting.

There is a lot to learn about growing your Instagram community, but most of it you can figure out yourself. Put yourself in their shoes, think as a follower and understand what you want to see when you enter a particular hashtag in the search bar. If you want to know all about cosmetics you will enter a specific word regarding that topic and this will determine what the search result will be. Apply the same principle to your account and in time you will see your popularity rising.