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Whether you use Instagram for business or personal joy, followers are essential. Follow these steps for faster growth of your profile.

One thing is certain if you’re not famous your Instagram page will grow at the slower rate, and you will have to work harder to achieve success. But there are some hacks that you can integrate into your routine.

The key thing is to invest your time and effort in the right direction. Following this five steps will surely drive you in the right direction.

1.      Optimize you profile

When you create your profile, make sure that your username and your profile picture are straight to the point. You want your followers to remember them instantly. Next is your bio. In this section, you have 200 characters at your disposal, make it as interesting as possible. If you run a company account, make sure to include company’s website in this section.

2.      Get familiar with photography and editing

Visual content is extremely important on Instagram so you should check out some tutorials on photography and photo editing. Youtube is a good place to start.

You should also consider investing in camera or a phone with a good one. Make your Instagram photos connected to the story that you are trying to present to your followers and focus on details. If you promote brand on your profile, don’t be too aggressive, try to keep balance.

3.      Time for posting

So you got your profile in place, and you got in the mix with making photos that are eye-catching. Next step is posting content on your profile. If you want to have constant growth, starting with your first posts, it is important to have schedule for your posts.


There are multiple apps that can help you with scheduling aspect of your IG campaign as well as sites where you can get your first followers like Before engaging with your followers, make sure that you already have a handful of quality posts. Using this technique you will convince your Instagram community that you are constantly putting out quality content.

4.      Captions are also important

Once you have your photos ready for deployment, take some time to produce a nice, catching caption. This detail is far more important than you think. There are some IG accounts that are famous because of the captions that they used on their photos.

instagram captions

This way you can engage your followers by asking them to tag their friends if they think that they would like your post. This way you can gather a bigger audience and hit that first thousand mark.

5.      Use hashtags

One of the ways to make your posts go viral is by using hashtags. With hashtags, you can reach people that are not following you. Always make sure that your hashtags are in tune with your content.  You should limit the number of hashtags per post to around three, as you don’t want your whole caption space to be used by them.