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After speaking with digital media strategists regarding the difficulty of establishing a brand on social networks, we found answers that may solve your problem of low followers. By closely examining celebrity and other popular Instagram account we established a program that will get your name high on the list of popular Instagram accounts.

This simple guide will not only help you to increase the number of your followers but also fully explain how this social media actually works.

Defining your Goals

The first step is to start fresh and create a new profile that will not be associated in any way with your old account if you have one, but still, represent you or your brand. Only when you do this, you may continue with this program. The second step is all about finding out what you want to present to people and how you want to define yourself as a company or individual on Instagram.

Set your goals and no matter what don’t step off from your path. This way people will know you for what you have become, and they will return to your profile as followers to get the content you provide every day.

Follow the Trend

In the beginning, you probably won’t have many followers, this is why you need to connect your profile with similar brands and advertise your content this way. If a person is looking to find tips of any sort they will type specific words in the search bar. You will be in the search results amongst many other, but this way of advertising is giving you a chance to increase your popularity by being available.


People are in need of choices so they can pick for themselves what suites they best. This is when the quality of your services comes to place. Make sure that every post is interesting and informational enough for someone to notice and like it. Photos must be high quality, but they must also contain a purpose or story behind them.

The right time to post.

instagram post timeNot every time of the day is perfect for posting your content. If you want to get maximum out of your posting content, you must target your audience. This will require a bit of research. Find out when your targeted audience is most active on Instagram and organize your posting at that time. Reposting the same content several times a day will is not something that people like to see.

To get your timing right, separate your content into several posts and upload them at a different time of the day. This way you can see which one gets the most likes and shares and what audience is responding most to it.

If you look what account of celebrities are posting and how they are doing it, you will find little or no difference to this techniques. Learn from the best and create something unique that people will love and suggest to friends.